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Do your staff have all the answers when it comes to questions about gemstones? Would you like them to…

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The ICSL system was introduced to the trade in 1982 by the Independent Coloured Stones Laboratory…

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We offer impartial, unbiased valuations on jewellery, diamonds and coloured gemstones. Unbiased because…

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Synthetic and artificially treated gemstones are passing through the trade undetected. A synthetic gemstone has the same chemical composition as the natural stone and is optically and physically the same…
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About Us

The Gem Lab is the place to go for all your gemstone appraisals and training. With highly qualified staff and an owner who loves to share his knowledge, you’ll be pleased you called.

With nearly three decades in the industry, Jeremy Rothon started his career under the guidance of the world renowned gemmologist, Ian Campbell…

“宝石实验室”成立于1989年,由南非知名的宝石学家Jeremy Rothon杰瑞米若颂创立,杰瑞米的导师是全球宝石鉴定业内知名宝石学家Ian Campbell伊恩坎贝尔。“宝石实验室”坚持国际分级标准,并确保对每一位客户委托给我们的每一颗宝石进行世界上最精确和一致的彩色宝石鉴定和分级。您可以放心,宝石实验室认证的宝石是被有绝对资质的宝石学家彻底检查和分级。这就是为什么来自世界各地的经销商都坚持一份“宝石实验室”报告的原因。

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does The Jewellery Valuations?

All valuations are performed by Jeremy Rothon FGA. To schedule an appointment, kindly fill out the form below or call me on 021 761 1746.

How Long Does Jewellery Evaluations Take?

Done while you wait by a qualifed Accredited Senior Gemmologist (AGA)

How Much Does a Single Evaluation Cost?

Please visit our Expert Jewellery Evaluations page for more information about our evaluations



Here’s what just some of our clients have said

Jeremy Rothon has been known to me for a good many years. He was a good reliable member of the South African Gemmological Association and started up his own labortary in Durban South Africa where from…
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Michael B. Sutherland, F.G.A

I have personally known Jeremy for approximately thirty years. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I had an opportunity to be able to give this testimonial in respect of his personal and academic…
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Ian C.C. Campbell, F.G.A.(UK).

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