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Gem Alert – FAKE ROUGH

Finely polished tourmaline is simply exquisite. Glinting happily in every hue of the rainbow, it’s easy to see why this exquisite stone is gaining popularity. Of course, as it becomes more popular, it becomes more expensive. The higher the demand, the higher the price. Unfortunately, the more valuable something becomes, the more tempting it is for the unscrupulous. So it’s no surprise that con artists have started peddling fakes, trying to pass it off as the real thing. (Although it is disappointing, of course.)

We came across an example of this just the other day, when a client bought a bag of rough tourmaline. Or so he thought. It was actually a bag full of glass. This rough is very convincing, though. It’s no surprise my client was duped into thinking it was the real thing.

Better Safe

The only way to be completely sure that what you have bought is what you think you’re buying, is to have it checked and certified by an experienced, objective gemmologist. No matter who you bought it from. These fakes are so good, even the reliable, trustworthy dealer you’ve always bought from could be taken in. Insist on buying only certified gemstones and rough – complete with a certificate from a reputable gem lab. I can’t stress this point enough: some ‘laboratories’ are “certifying” synthetics, imitations, and treated stones as the genuine article – complete with the fat price tag that comes with it. If you’re even a little bit unsure about a gemstone’s certificate, send me an email to find out if the certifying laboratory is reputable or not.

When gems are traded as something they’re not, every one of us in the trade suffers. The reputation of jewellers as a whole is impacted. Potential clients stop trusting us as much. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that we take the steps necessary to sell only genuine gemstones. Call me on 021 761 1746 or email me on to make sure you’ve got stones you can sell with confidence. I’d love to help.


Sold as a parcel of rough tourmaline Glass imitating rough tourmaline

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