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25th July 2017

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About Us

jr 2The Gem Lab is the place to go for all your gemstone appraisals and training. With highly qualified staff, and an owner who loves to share his knowledge, you’ll be pleased you called.

Experience and training count
With nearly three decades in the industry, Jeremy Rothon started his career under the guidance of the world renowned gemmologist, Ian Campbell. His international training, through the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA), and then the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), gives Jeremy the depth of knowledge he needs to do his job to the highest standard.

FGA Gemmological qualification is recognised as the equivalent of a BA degree

The Gem Lab was founded in Durban in 1989, and was affiliated to Ian Campbell’s ICSL lab, until Ian’s retirement in 2009.

Alongside his encyclopaedic knowledge of gemstones, Jeremy’s career extends to jewellery retail management and design, giving him a well-rounded knowledge of the industry. He also spent two years running the European Gemological Lab (EGL) in Cape Town, where he indulged his love of teaching by lecturing in the college.

Sharing knowledge

Having delivered a paper at each of the three symposiums held by the Gemmological Association of South Africa – on the subject of ethics and disclosure of artificial treatment of gemstones – Jeremy loves sharing his knowledge with anyone interested. He also regularly presents fascinating audio-visual seminars to the public.

If you would like Jeremy to be a guest speaker at one of your functions, or come to your retail outlet and speak to your staff, please contact us to make a booking, and he will gladly present a very interesting audio visual on the subject of gemstones.

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