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16th August 2018

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Academy of Gemmology

Practical, skills-based training courses with an internationally qualified gemmologist

Do your staff have all the answers when it comes to questions about gemstones? Would you like them to get training, but can’t afford the time or costs of a six-month course? Well, The Gem Lab has the answer:

A choice of five hands-on, practical courses that enable your staff to walk away with working knowledge and experience that they can actually use, improving your customer interaction, and thereby your sales.

Investing in a course is an investment in your business.

The maximum number of delegates per class is just four, which allows each person to work with the equipment and stones intensively, leading to greater knowledge and understanding and more refined skill.

You will receive a certificate at the end of each course.

Have a look through our courses below, and then contact us to book the one(s) you need.

You can choose from: 

  • Practical Diamond Grading – Three days – R4500
  • Basic Gem Identification – One day – R2500
  • Tanzanite and Practical Diamond Grading – Two days – R3500
  • Coloured Stone Grading System – Available online for only R350. Click here to enrol
  • Three day Jewellery Valuation course – R6500
    • 1 day Basic Gem ID
    • 1 day Practical Diamond Grading
    • 1 day brining it all together – practical valuations
  • One day Jewellery Valuation course – R3500
  • For those who know how to identify gemstones
  • We do offer training away from Cape Town. We can ‘tailor make’ a course to suit your needs.

Practical Diamond Grading course – 3 Days @ R4500 per delegate
A special thanks to PROTEA DIAMONDS in Cape Town for sponsoring the diamonds we use on this course.

Covering topics such as the Kimberley Process (Blood Diamonds), the delegate will learn to answer customer questions about their diamonds, correctly and confidently.

The course covers:

  1. Stages of polishing
  2. Correct use of tweezers, loupe and microscope
  3. Plotting, importance of plotting and definitions
  4. Clarity grading
  5. Fluorescence
  6. Colour grading
  7. Proportions, how to read the proportion report
  8. Imitations and synthetics
  9. Fracture filling, laser drilling, estimating weight
  10. Correct use of the Rapp

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Diamond Grading and Tanzanite Course – 2 day course at R3500 per person.

This is a two day course focuses on the practical side of grading and pricing diamonds and tanzanite.

Basic Gem Identification course – 1 day @ R2500 per delegate

The first part of this course teaches the student about the lab equipment, the principles of how each piece works, and how to use them all correctly. We then take a detailed look at 15 of the most popular gemstones, covering synthetics vs natural, artificial treatments, coating, and all the relevant information about each particular stone. A certificate is issued on completion of this course.

ICSL Coloured Stone Grading System is now online. Get the information online which will save you money.
This course teaches you how to grade and price coloured gemstones correctly, with incredible accuracy and consistency. We teach the ICSL coloured stone grading system. You can get this course by clicking here for only R350.

Lab Equipment, how it works and correct usage – On line course coming soon

We are going to add the Lab Equipment course to our list of online courses that will be available in the near future. The first step in gemstone identification is to be able to use the equipment, and of course, knowing exactly what each piece does and how to use it correctly will get you the best results in your business. Delegates learn the principles of how the equipment works and how to take care of it. When equipment isn’t used correctly and false results are obtained, huge amounts of money can be lost.

All training is done by Jeremy Rothon, who has nearly 30 years experience as a practising gemmologist. Experienced in all aspects of the gemstone industry, Jeremy has also held managerial positions in up-market jewellery retail stores.


29 June 2018 — 2 day Practical Diamond Grading and Tanzanite Course
Just wanted to thank you again for a great experience. It really was superb.
Nolan Kotting, Cape Town.
13 May 2018 — 3 day Valuation Course
The course was great, and I loved every aspect of it. But your knowledge that you share is vast and interesting.
I have gained confidence in what I was learned from you before and gave me new knowledge. Aviva Ezra, Cape Town
13 May 2018 — 3 day Valuation Course
I’ve learnt a lot from this course. I like the approach to the valuation system you created. I think it removes a lot of doubt about valuations and it is absolutely thorough. The gem grading course was also very informative and you were scientific with your explanations and backed up everything you said. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. However I felt it was a lot of information to grasp in such a short space of time ,but I guess practice will make it easier. I will highly recommend the course done with you and hopefully get an opportunity to correspond with you more often as I think you have a wealth of knowledge that you openly and honestly are willing to share. Pravin Britnarain, Durban