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DONE WHILE YOU WAIT by a qualified Accredited Senior Gemmologist (AGA)
Gemstone and jewellery evaluation is a highly specialist field best undertaken by a qualified gemmologist. You can wait while we do your valuation and enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee or we can do it in the comfort of your home. Your insurance company will stipulate how often you will need to update your valuation which is a quick and easy process as we keep a record of your valuation and all the calculations. Every item of jewellery is photographed for easy reference.

gemlab-2We work by appointment and by the end of your appointment the appraisal will be in your possession. A complimentary cup of tea or coffee is also provided.

  • Each item of jewellery is weighed
  • The gemstones are carefully assessed in the setting and a full description provided
  • Metal content is determined.
  • Each piece of jewellery is photographed

Passport size appraisal – R490 per item.

This is a new option we have introduced which makes it professional for the jeweller to present the newly manufactured item of jewellery issued with an independent valuation certificate.


 Appraisal For Insurance Purposes

These values are calculated to cover your item in-case of loss. In other words, if the item of jewellery is stolen or lost you will be able to replace it with an item of jewellery with the same size and quality gemstones and metal. We do not over inflate the value however, it is acceptable to add on 10% to the value to allow for the fluctuation of the rand against the US dollar and metal price.

These appraisals can be considered a reserve price on an action allowing for a buyer’s premium

Fair Market Value
This is based on the principle of private sales by persons not subjected to accepted trade marketing conditions, such as a jeweller would have to accept.

Probate Value
Bottom of the range value. Includes forced sales, collateral, liquidations, deceased estates or where immediate liquidation is important.

      2019 Fees

  1. Items of jewellery set with gemstones including pearls – R490 per item
  2. Gold, silver or platinum items not set with gemstone – R230 per item
  3. Elaborate pieces will be quoted on site
  4. Update of previous valuations done by us – R100 per item